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AFTERBURN Fitness Studio is more than a just a gym. It is a community of people, trainers, and members alike that believe a strong foundation in health and fitness is the foundation for almost everything else in your life. We believe that when you have the energy and the confidence that being fit can bring you, then anything else is possible. The energy at Afterburn Fitness is contagious. Our members inspire, help, and welcome all newcomers into our facility.High level sound systems provide stadium quality music and energy to a class. A full range of industry leading equipment allows for an endless variety in training styles and exercises to constantly keep your body guessing. Afterburn is founded by Kiran Alfred( National Gold Medalist) and Palla Rahul (Business man) Total workout Space of 8000 Sft will amaze you with the excieting intreriors and the World class equipment . And we have specially designed 4000sft workout space only for Women. All the fitness activities at one Place !! GYM, AEROBICS, ZUMBA, KICK BOXING, CROSSFIT and VARIOUS DANCE WORKOUTS. Amazing Group sessons with Mixed flavors of Hip-pop,Free style, Western,Contemporary with high energy and faster-paced music . After a tough cardio workout, sometimes you leave feeling wiped out and ready to hop back into bed. While our dance workouts are challenging, we always leave feeling energized, light, and ready to tackle the rest of the day with a positive perspective. It truly lives up to the "fitness party" hype. Afterburn is Designed to Inspire and motivate.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Secunderabad

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